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Agroton was established in 1992 by Iuriy Zhuravlov, who has since managed the Group and is currently the Group’s Chief Executive Officer. Set forth below are the significant milestones in the development of Agroton.

1992Mr. Zhuravlov establishes several companies that are engaged in the production and distribution of honey and other beekeeping products in Luhansk region. Agroton eventually becomes one of the region’s leading honey-producing firms.
1997Crop farming begins.
1999Agroton acquires and modernizes an elevator storage facility with total capacity of 30,000 tonnes. In addition, the company starts large-scale cultivation of cereals and oilseeds on farms located close to these elevators.
2000As part of its diversification strategy, Agroton launches production of cheese under the brand “Markovskiy Cheese”. Agroton also triples its storage facilities under control to 110,000 tonnes.
2001Agroton focuses on thorough soil analysis and training of its workers in modern, large-scale farming technologies. Agroton management and agronomists make a decision to concentrate crop farming operations on high-margin wheat and sunflower and other complementary crops required for crop rotation.
2002As part of its vertical integration strategy, Agroton launches flour, bakery and pasta production.
2004Agroton expands its harvested land bank to 63,000 hectares, or approximately 4% of all arable land in Luhansk region.
2005Agroton completes the acquisition of the Luhansk Cheese Factory, producers of the brand “Zoloto Gildii”. Agroton begins pork production.
2006Agroton completes the acquisition and modernization of the Chernuhiska Poultry Farm.
2007Agroton begins chicken production at the modernized Chernuhiska Poultry Farm. Production for the year reaches 2,630 tonnes of poultry.
2008Agroton increases its harvested land bank by 40,117 hectares to 134,075 hectares, and its elevator storage facilities by 50,000 tonnes to 235,000 tonnes.
2009GDRs listing on the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (representing almost 25% of Agroton’s share capital) to finance further business growth.